For Competition: A Few Last minute questions for judges

Dear Judges, What is the percentage of important to judges of the competition on the following aspects of the design>


Typography and use of Typekit:  ?%

Modification of LESS CSS in theme:   ?%

Originality of Conceptual Customizations to design (ie, tweaks/hacks):    ?%

Idea or concept of network as a viable theme for a Ning network:   ?%

Other aspects that will be judged:   ?%



Also, lets say after the competition is over, will we be given the option to keep ot network and open it up for members?  I mean, if I were to win 10,000 i'd like to spend some of that money back on ning services developing my network after the competition.


Finally, I am a photographer and have used several of my own photographs within the network to develop areas that have a purpose such as photo and video.  When the competition is over, will I retain the rights to my works or do they become property of Ning?


sorry for all the questions..trying to put some finishing touches on my competition design and these are big questions.  thanks

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Hey there! So the judges will be judging the each portion of the criteria equally. You are welcome to keep the network going as long as you re-activate the network with a credit card.

As part of the prizes, each winner will be given the ability to comp a Ning Pro account for the year so if that's the network you want to do it on, we can definitely make that work.

A designer will still own their design after the contest ends. Ning (and our NCs) just get a license to use the design and modify it as necessary on individual networks. Photos and video uploaded for display purposes of the contest won't be transferred to the theme when added to the marketplace.

Hope that helps!

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