I go to my Design Studio (isn't it cool the way it just slides down and provides you with direct live access?) and when I highlight my CSS code already in place, it tells me that there are too many characters ?!? How did it get there in the first place then?


Has a new character limit been put in place?

Advanced CSS: 15.000 characters

Developer mode CSS: 25.000 characters


I asked Support how CSS already in place could be exceeding a character limit (as in how did I manage to add the CSS code in the first place), and they agreed that there my CSS exceeds the character limit. I love Ning support :)


Has a character limit suddenly been put on the Design Studio?

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good question

I find it odd that code which I have already put into my Design Studio, suddenly is over limit. How was I able to put it there? I never saw any such alerts before and if you paste CSS code into the Design Studio which is over limit then you can't save it, yet here we are talking about my current CSS code already saved and in use.


Very strange. And I ask Ning support and they agree with me that it is over limit and suggest I trim it so I can use it. I would be willing to raise the response time for Ning support if this gave them time to actually read the tickets they receive.

As you know I have tried for 2 months to alert them about a bug in the leaderboards, and nobody to this day understands what I'm trying to communicate. You grow a sense of humor going through a 2 month ticket where nobody even understands the screenshots you send them ....or you get institutionalized ;)

Hey guys! During our limited private beta phases, we did not enforce the CSS character limits so it's possible that the limit might have been exceeded with the transition of beta to public for the design studio. The limits are pretty high so I'd definitely encourage to try and trim the CSS if possible. Alternatively, you can always link to an external CSS file by attaching it in the Custom Code box. Hope that helps!

AH! Well that explains the mystery. Thanks so much Shali :)


Good point about linking to an external .css from the custom code, thanks!

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