I have successfully removed the right hand column and made the left column wider, on 2 other networks, but for unknow reasons I cannot make it work on a 3'rd. I've tried for days:

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Hi Brian,


Are you sure that you're using the same "layout" on your third network? Also, manipulating the width of columns is a bit tricky. Currently our features do not have a fully fluid layout so changing their widths can cause weird display issues. Also, there is JS logic on the page that will automatically resize images and embeds based on the selected layout. Simply increasing or decreasing the width of a column with CSS won't change the JS logic for resizing things, so you can end up with stuff that is sized too small or too large for a given column. We're working on having stuff be completely fluid in the future, but as things are now, I'd highly suggest sticking with the pre-defined layouts - especially if the themes you're developing are for the design contest.

Hi Derrick :)
Thanks for getting back to me, sorry I forgot to update my thread here after I DID resolve this issue.

I'm very excited to hear you are working on Ning being fully fluid in the future, that sounds great and I can imagine the extra customization you'll be able to hand over to us after that is completed ;).


The JS thing is not an issue in this case because I simply want to hide the right column on all /page/ and then show a custom code, so no Ning styling will interfere with that.

I'm a little confused why I needed different solutions on each network to make it work? They are all in design studio, 2 column layout although based on different basic layouts. Take a look:

.xg_widget_page #column1 {width: 960px!important; padding: 10px!important;}
.xg_widget_page #column2 {display: none;}
.xg_widget_page .xg_span-14 #xg_canvas {width: 960px!important;}

.xg_widget_page .xg_span-7 {display: none;}
xg_column xg_span-14 {width: 982px;}
.xg_widget_page .xg_span-14 #xg_canvas {width: 975px!important;}

.xg_widget_page .xg_last {display: none;}
.xg_widget_page .xg_3col {width:955px;}
.xg_widget_page .xg_span-16 {width:945px;}

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