Its the damndest thing...after adding typekit to my contest network, the to navigation became unusable.  Is there some sort of z-index incorporated within the typekit embed that makes it sit on top of the elements which it styles?  Also it makes some edit buttons on text boxes unclickable....


Also, i find that it takes time for the custom fonts from typekit to actually become visible.  Meaning, the entire page must load first before the fonts take when visitors come to the site, they see the default fonts then after about 7 or 8 seconds, they switch to the typekit me this seems very odd...


anyone else having these experiences?

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no replies to this?   its pretty important
not sure if anyone is even moderating this site, but i got it fixed...thanks
I'll ask. How did you fix it?

Hi JFarrow,


Typekit does not typically cause overlap issues like what you're describing. I'm guessing this was something specific to the particular CSS for your theem. It sounds like the got the issue resolved so that's good to hear.

The delay with having fonts switch over from regular webfonts to your Typekit ones is expected given the method of installation on the site. For the purpose of this contest, we are having you installing the Typekit JS in your site's custom code box. The custom code box is one of the last parts of the page to get rendered so the Typekit JS is getting evaluated after most the page has already loaded. This why you see your page intially load and then your fonts get swapped out after a few seconds. We're going to be working on ways of minimizing the visual jump from one font to another by making Typekit JS load in the head portion of the page. This is already in the works so this should be coming soon.

thanks for your replies..@Derrick you are correct it was something else i had added simultaneously with typekit that caused the problems...running smooth now....thanks

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